About PulsiVision

The basic idea of the invention and objectives

PulsiVision – What is it?

The name is composed from the surname of the inventor, Jürgen PULS, and his VISION to introduce an automatic rescue system, with which it will be possible to protect people from drowning during sports and games.

Worldwide there are drowning 140,000 people each year because there is currently no possibility of monitoring bathers, swimmers and non-swimmers, which excludes the imperfect human factor in monitoring and initiates an immediate rescue operation.

Jürgen Puls knows what he is talking about when he wants to introduce the PulsiVision as a new system to the market, that is working automatically for saving lives.

As a trained swimming instructor and as well as administrator and manager of various indoor and an outdoor swimming pool he knows too well how quick it happends that in the crowd of too many children or adults someone can sink without any notice from the swimming teacher or friends.

Nobody can have his eyes at any time anywhere! This is the bitter truth of Jürgen Puls, and that has motivated him to develop a system which automatically registers not only the drowning of a man and an alarm is triggered, but with the the drowning man is held with the head above water, which then will also be able and health (heart rate, etc.) is measured and reported to a rescue center. This allows the chance to spontaneous and targeted assistance.

The basic idea is to prevent the drowning of pool visitors and bathers along rivers, lakes, coasts and especially of young children in the short term supervision gap of an adult and stay near water butts, garden ponds and water areas in total.

This idea was also extended to the sector of sport and commercial shipping, marine and cruise industry and the aviation industry. In this area, there is always a latent risk that the professional workers or passengers fall unintentionally or due to heavy seas into the water and drown, without the chance of being discovered on the open sea, and possibly in the dark at all, or to be saved.

The PulsiVision-system is the hope to save more people than ever before from the wet death.