Statement: Professor Dr. Jorge Walter

"During my recent stay in Germany, I got a first-hand experience of Jürgen’s enthusiasm and talent as a swim instructor – our seven-year old made more progress in the first few sessions with him than she made the entire last season.

When Jürgen shared his patented Vital Aqua Protect System (V.A.P.) with me, its market potential was immediately evident to me. Having access to his system could save many lives and would mean invaluable peace of mind for any parent. The market for other target groups, such as people with special needs or water sports athletes, is similarly obvious. No surprise, then, that Jürgen has already lined up reputable partners from both Europe and the US. I can’t wait for this to be commercially available."

Professor Dr. Jorge Walter
Department of Strategic Management & Public Administration
School of Business Administration
The George Washington University
Washington, DC

Conference of Project Lifesaver in August:

We are thrilled to be part of the annual conference of our new partner "Project Lifesaver". This year, the conference takes place in early august in Orlando, Florida. Pulsivision will be represented with its own table and will participate in one of the session with a presentation of our product V.A.P, including a hands-on demonstration of its functionality. We hope to convince all participants of our product and find lots of supporters for the V.A.P.

Our new Flyer

new flyer new flyer

Statement Erni Els

"Jürgen showed me his idea and prototype and I was literally blown away with the potential value for individuals with special needs and anybody who could be at risk from drowning. I think this is really exciting and has huge potential." Ernie Els (professional golf player and foudner of „Els for Autism“)

Meeting Gene Saunders (Project Lifesaver):

In April, we met up with Gene Saunders, the CEO and founder of "Project Lifesaver" We are very proud that with him and his organization we have found a great partner in the fight to save lives. There is a huge potential in the partnership between Pulsivision and Project Lifesaver. We therefore welcome the invitation to present our product, the V.A.P. at their annual conference in Orlando on August 14.

USA Patent

After a long time for pending we now got the patent for the V.A.P. in the US.


The patent for the V.A.P. is already registered or granted for the following countries:

Australia, Brazil, China, Germany, France, Italy, Japan, Lichtenstein, The Netherlands, Austria, Portugal, Switzerland, Turkey, USA, United Kingdom

Demonstration Video

In order to show the functionality of the V.A.P. we made a video.